At Chicago Bike Tuner,  we understand your bike is more than a ride that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your FREEDOM. From the ground up, we created a repair service devoted to providing Chicago with the BEST bike repair available. Chicago Bike Tuner bicycle repair bicycle repair shop


With over 20+ years of bicycle repairs, we're obsessed with providing FANATICAL customer service and support at competitive prices. Whether you're a weekender or a pro, a racer or a fixie, we understand you'd rather be riding your bike than FIXING it!

No Hassles, No Hustle. No Attitude

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We respect EVERYONE'S desire to experience the joy of riding a bike. Whether a weekender, beginner, fixie or a pro, our service promise remains the same: DELIVER FANATICAL BIKE REPAIRS!

We’re bike people. We ripped our training wheels off and rode away when we were four years old. Our team of certified technicians will ensure you receive the best practices in the industry. 


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